Purchasing Guidelines for HISD Technology Office
All technology related purchases will be made through the District Technology Office. 
1. If a piece of technology needs to be purchased, the requester will email the formal HISD Technology PO or RFC to the District Technology Department IT Manager or Network Administrator for their approval. This will allow the department to check for compatibility with the network and our systems as well as allow us to guarantee purchasing guidelines set out by the State of Texas are followed. 
2. Once the PO or RFC has been approved by the District Technology Department, the request will be forwarded on to the campus Principal and then the Superintendent for approval.
3. The completed PO (with assigned order #) will be forwarded to the vendor through the District Technology Department to make sure we are following proper co-op purchasing agreements. Items will be shipped to the District Technology Office. 
4. Once the item arrives, the District Technology Office will sign the invoice, notify the HISD Business Office, and then forward the item(s) to the District Librarian for barcoding. Once barcoding is complete, the technology will be configured and then delivered to the requester.
Technology related purchases are anything that the HISD Technology Office is expected to provide support for and include but are not limited to:
Computers, Printers, Scanners, Mobile Devices, Projectors, Interactive White Boards, A/V equipment, Television, Software, etc.